Sponge Rubber Sheet

The closed cell types of sponge rubber sheet are great for high-pressure applications where superior compression strength is needed. This particular type of closed cell sponge rubber is made using EPDM material. EPDM rubber is a very popular type of synthetic elastomer that is great for use in outdoor conditions. It has a superior level of resistance against common hazards such as UV rays and ozone. As a result, this closed cell EPDM sponge rubber is excellent for any application that requires outdoor usage.


Technical Data

Quality Control Capability

rubber sheeting thickness measurement

Onsite Inspection

The quality inspector checks the size and surface on the production line & package at any time.

FKM rubber sheet cutting

Automated counting

The computer digital display automation system can accurately control the length of the product.

rubber sheet testing lab

A full set of testing equipment

High-end laboratory equipment detects all properties from raw materials to finished rubber products

Package & shipment

Customized cartons, printed trademarks, customized pallets, these are all things we can help you achieve. Our standard packaging is also perfect to meet the stability requirements of long-term sea transportation, and at the same time, it is easy to distribute.

For different products, we will choose different sizes of pallets that are free of fumigation. Through these methods, we try to load more cargo in the container.

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